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Finding pricing for your home

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Understanding Natural Gas pricing

The price you pay for natural gas is made up of many different parts – everything from the cost of producing the gas and piping it to your home, right through to reading your meter and managing your account.

How do you calculate my price?

Your natural gas pricing is broken down into two components – a daily fixed charge and a variable charge.

Daily fixed charge: a set daily amount, shown on your bill as cents per day, that covers the fixed costs of supplying gas to your property; and

Variable charge: a per-kilowatt hour charge for the amount of gas you use.

The level of these charges depends on your energy user profile.

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Choosing my energy user profile

The best energy user profile for you and your household will vary depending on how much gas you use.

We've explained the difference between our two residential gas energy user profiles below to help you decide.

You can change the energy user profile you are on up to twice a year.

Low Energy User profile

The Low Energy User profile is generally most suitable for customers who use 4,000 kWh or less of natural gas each year.

The reduced daily fixed charge** compared to the Standard Energy User profile means that it is usually more cost-effective for lower gas users. This energy user profile is only available for primary residences - not holiday homes and other properties you may own.

Standard Energy User profile

The Standard Energy User profile is generally most suitable for customers using more than 4,000 kWh of natural gas each year.

The lower variable charge(s) compared to the Low Energy User profile means that this profile is usually more cost-effective for higher energy users.

Bottled gas

Bottled Gas

See how your bottled gas usage is charged each month.



Discover your fixed charges, variable charges, and how to choose your energy user profile.

kWh = kilowatt hour, 1 kWh = 1 unit of gas.

The daily fixed charge applies to each Installation Control Point (ICP).

Some additional fees apply from time to time. For more information see Special Fees