Let's get you switched on with Electricity

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Joining us is simple

Signing up for an electricity plan is super easy to do yourself. Or we can do it over the phone or through Live Chat. Pop in some details and you’ll be connected in no time.

Easy plans & upfront electricity pricing

Our most popular electric plan is Energy Plus - free power with Power Shouts, choose to go flexi or fixed term and get a load of discounts. Or, go for Energy Basic - grab lower electricity rates and lock in price certainty for 12 months.

As pricing is specific to your line company and meter type, you can enter your address in our join form to see what's on offer at your place before you join.

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On the move?

Get your old and new place sorted. Our Home Movers Team is expertly trained to get your electricity moved – and we’ve got housewarming gifts. If you’re the self-service type, you can organise it yourself through our app.

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New builds… we nail those

Building new is busy and fraught with decisions. Let us take care of the electricity and gas. Trade connections and working with builders, big or small, is no problem.

Control on the go – our handy app

Insights await in Energy IQ, our super-cool app. Pay your bills, book a Power Shout, order more gas, check your electricity usage. All the data, all the time.

Energy management app
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Free power, yes please!

Get Power Shouts – free power to use whenever you want. Book it yourself through our cool app.

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EV plans – 50% cheaper electricity

Sign up to Energy EV and your power is 50% cheaper at night.* Plus, you get all our other benefits.

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Running on sunlight

Solar could work at your place. Generating your own electricity? Sell it back to the grid or use our buyback option. Talk to our team.

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Dual Fuel

Want a 5% discount when you combine gas & power? We do that. And heaps of other discounts too.

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Bottled gas

Order bottled gas through our app and get it delivered fast. A few taps and it’s on its way. You can track the delivery too.

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Natural gas

Instantly warm and cosy, and hot water always - check to see if natural gas is right for you.

*EV Energy Plan terms apply

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