Bottled gas is easy to have, easy to order

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How we offer gas

Bottled gas (LPG) is great for heating, cooking, and hot water. Whether you’re switching bottled gas suppliers, moving to a new place, or need to arrange a refill, we make it easy.

A few taps in our Energy IQ app and the gas is on its way. Got electricity with us already? You’ll get a 5% discount if you get gas too.

Need to order more gas bottles?

Order your bottles quickly and easily in the Energy IQ app, or do it online. You can then track your delivery, just like a courier service.

Moving soon, we’ll sort the gas

Jump online, tell us your moving dates and where you’re off to, and we’ll sort the gas from our end. Need to talk it through, call us 0800 300 400.

Get connected

If you’re joining us for the first time, check out our great plans and see how simple it is to sign up for LPG bottled gas.

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Getting to know your bottled gas

Things to do before gas installation

Before we can deliver and install your gas bottles, there are safety and compliance measures to do.

If there are no bottles at your property, our drivers will deliver them, but you will need a gasfitter for connection. If there are bottles, but no gas, please contact us.

Supply is conditional on the site passing an inspection. Check out the full list of installation requirements, as well as this handy video on how bottled gas works. 

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Staying safe with gas

Handy safety tips and reminders for around the house – we want to keep your family safe.

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How does bottled gas work?

A detailed look at the types of gas we run on in New Zealand, and which one is best for you.

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Need to talk to a real person?

We love nothing more than helping our customers. Our friendly team are only a phone call or email away.

Don’t have our app yet?

It's super easy to download Energy IQ. Then you can monitor your usage, pay your bills, book your free power, and of course, order gas refills & track their delivery status.

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Dual Fuel

Want a 5% discount when you combine gas & power? We do that. And heaps of other discounts too.

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Natural gas

Instantly warm and cosy, and hot water always - check to see if natural gas is right for you.

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We power it all. Houses, flats, sleep-outs, new builds. Any place you want electricity, we’ll turn it on.

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