Moving house tips

We've put together some helpful tips for every step of the moving journey – right from planning and organising what you need, to the moving day and after the move.

To make the move even smoother, we have put together a checklist so you know you've got everything sorted – and you can organise your power move online easily in just three steps. If you have questions specific to moving power, check out our FAQ's or give us a call.


Check out our in-depth checklist – no more worrying about what you might've forgotten! We've covered everything from all the utilities and services to notify, or organise reconnections for.

Don't forget your power connection! There's nothing worse than spending the day moving house only to start unpacking and realise you don't have any power! Get the connection organised in advance easily online, in three easy steps.

We provide electricity, gas and LPG so whatever your power needs, we can get it sorted for you. For specific questions relating to moving power, check out our FAQ's.


When considering if you'll move house yourself, your biggest DIY expense will be the truck, van or trailer hire. Shop around and hire any vehicle well in advance.

Then you'll need to buy packing materials: boxes, pens, any colour coding system you're using, sturdy tape and lots of bubble wrap. You'll need a lot more of this than you expect.

Use this packing calculator to figure out how many of these items you might need and read our complete house moving packing tips below.

Even a small move is a huge task by yourself. Ever tried to carry a bed on your own? Enlist the help of your strong friends and family. Add to your budget any pizza or drinks you might need to buy as a thank you.


The general rule of thumb is: however many boxes you think you'll need, double it. If you're not sure how many boxes or cartons you will need, have a look at this helpful packing calculator.

You'll also need a good supply of sturdy tape, sharp scissors, Vivids and things like bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap your breakable items in.

Don't use rubbish bags for packing – unless they are clearly labelled– it could cause confusion. The last thing you want is a bag full of toys thrown into the rubbish by accident.

Doing the move

Moving house can be stressful. Moving house with children can be really, really stressful. To help we've put together our top tips on moving house with kids to help you survive.

Getting ready for the move

Tell your children about the move as soon as possible. Make it a time when both you and they are relaxed and happy. If you're positive about it, they probably will be too. Whether you're moving near or far, there are a lot of people to notify. Even if you're just changing address, remember you'll need to talk to:

  • Children's school/s
  • Their doctor and dentist
  • Any activity groups, such as swimming or music lessons, sports teams etc

Make sure you include this in your planning, even if you don't do it until after you've moved. Acknowledge the home your family's leaving, and take some photos of your kids in their bedroom or favourite corner of the garden.

Packing with kids

Work backwards from moving day and assign tasks for each of your kids. They'll love being involved and it will save you time too. Tasks could include:

  • Organising their toys, books and other belongings
  • Sorting their clothes and shoes
  • Taking unwanted belongings to a charity shop
  • Packing toys that won't be needed in the first few days

Two weeks before you move, make your life easier by packing a suitcase of essentials for the first couple of days. Think nappies, bottles, toilet paper, at least one change of clothes, and maybe a small first aid kit. Let the kids be involved in packing it.

Moving day

If you have toddlers or small children, the easiest thing will be to have family or friends take care of them on moving day. If that's not possible, here are some tips to help get you through the day.

  • Pack your children's toys in the truck last so they're the first items into the new house
  • Try and arrive before the moving company so your children can look around the house first. That way they'll see their things arrive
  • Make sure kids' furniture is in place before they start unpacking. You'll avoid a removal man standing on toys while he moves a chest of drawers
  • Celebrate with pizza and ice cream for dinner. Make sure you sit down and enjoy it as a family
  • Pack your children's bedsheets, bathroom essentials and favourite books together so you can easily get them off to bed when they're ready
  • Don't forget the T.V.!

Settling in

Even with the best of intentions, moving can be hard on your children. Check out this advice from about helping your kids cope with your move.

If you're after some easy printable resources, you're in luck!

▸ Moving house checklist
▸ Packing materials checklist

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