Moving house checklist

Use our handy checklist to make the big move for you and your family as stress-free as possible.

Son carrying moving boxes into a new house

Get ready to move

Moving home can be a stressful time. Use our checklist to make sure you've got things covered - from decluttering to move-in day.

3 months to go


Sort items into 3 categories: keep, donate/sell, throw away. List items for sale on Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace - give yourself plenty of time to complete sales before you move.

DIY or moving company?

Get quotes for moving companies or costs to hire a van or truck. If you're DIYing it, rope in some friends or family to help with the heavy lifting.

Start your research

Depending on how far you're moving, you may need a new doctor, vet, daycare or school, or a new public transport route. Plan early.

2 months to go

Moving boxes

Begin sourcing moving boxes. Try your local community Facebook page, supermarket or large stores in your area. if you can't find sturdy boxes to repurpose have a look at your local storage company.


Contact your insurance company to advise of your moving dates. Check that your household items will be covered at both places, and while in transit. See if any specialised items such as a piano or large artwork needs a specialist moving company.


Check your notice period in your rental agreement and ensure you contact the landlord in writing informing them of your moving dates. Check your agreement to see what your obligations are with regards to cleaning.

1 month to go

Address changes

Notify people of your upcoming address change and setup an NZ Post mail redirect. Don't forget to update your address with regular meal and delivery services!

Start packing

Gather and pack all the things that you won't need between now and the move. Things like holiday decorations, most of your towels and bedding, less frequently used kitchen and household items.

Kids and pets

Arrange childcare and someone to look after the pets for moving day. Packing, cleaning and loading trucks will be easier without little ones under feet.

2 weeks to go

Tell your providers

Let your utility providers know that you're moving, confirm bookings with moving companies, kennels/catteries, and confirm childcare arrangements.


Book a specialised move-out and/or a move-in clean. Need to clean the carpets? Arrange for a company to do it, or book a Rug Doctor in advance.

Moving day plan

Write a list of items that you'll need on the day - toilet roll, hand wash, towel, kettle, mugs, tea/coffee, cleaning supplies, bedding, and basic tools.

1 week to go

Finish packing

This week you'll finish packing away things that you don't need for moving day, and dismantle any flat-pack furniture or beds ready for the move.

Moving day gear

Ensure your moving day gear (kettle, toilet roll etc) is packed and stored separately from the other boxes. Ensure each family member has a bag with what they'll need for moving day and the day after.

Keys and dates

Confirm handover dates for each property. Make sure you have all the keys for your current home ready to hand to the agent or landlord.

Moving boxes and cleaning equipment

Tell us you're moving

Whether you're already a customer or looking to join us in your new home, we'll have an offer for you.

Family walking into their new home with boxes

Moved in but no power?

Check that your main switch is in the 'ON' position. If it is and you still have no power, give us a call.

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