Your InCharge Meter

How to read your meter and the information it can give.

Code Description
* The "star key". This clears the screen and is used before entering any codes.
## The "hash key". This key is entered after each code number and confirms code entered. Also used to see balance on meter.
1 Approximate number of days of electricity you have got left. Based on last 7 days of electricity usage.
2 Shows how much electricity used yesterday, (select again), last week, (select again) last month.
3 Shows unit rate and how many units of electricity used.
4 Shows last five codes you entered in groups of five digits.
5 Find your Incharge meter reading code and the total credit entered into the meter. To give encrypted reading: select "5" until you see D1 .. D2 .. D3 .. D4 ..
6 Check how much electricity you are currently using in kwh, and cost per hour of your current electricity usage. Helps with high accounts.
7 Shows your daily fixed charge.
8 Maximum usage during the last 24 hours and when that peak usage occurred.
9 Check the total number of electricity units used since meter was installed. Updated reading.
0 Find out your InCharge meter number, plus the current time and date.


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