InCharge PrePay For Home

No longer available for new installations

Genesis Energy's prepay electricity system is called InCharge. InCharge is no longer offered to new customers as we are no longer installing special pre-pay meters required for InCharge. However, if you've moved into a property that already has an InCharge pre-pay meter, you will be able to sign up for Incharge.

If you don't have an existing InCharge meter and you are interested in a prepay pricing plan, you may wish to contact another energy provider to see if they can offer you prepay pricing in your area. If you have an Advanced Meter and are simply looking for a way to keep an eye on your usage during a month, check out how you can monitor your daily, weekly and monthly usage on our mobile app or through My Account.

Services remain the same for existing InCharge customers: You can top up your meter at any of our authorised outlets. Here is a list of all our outlets so you can find the one nearest to you:


Note: InCharge is only available in certain areas of the North Island. Please check the InCharge Merchant list above, to ensure there is a Merchant near you.

When you top up your meter, you will receive a 20-digit top up code that you enter into your keypad. The minimum top up is $20 and the maximum purchase is $300.

Genesis Energy installs a keypad at your home at no cost. You are then sent a card that you can use to purchase electricity from one of our Merchants. When you purchase electricity you will receive a receipt with a 20-digit code on it. Simply enter this code into the keypad of your meter. You must enter this 20-digit code into your meter for the purchase to take effect. To find out more about how your InCharge meter works click here.

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