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Connect with the largest gas supplier in New Zealand. Piped natural gas is the cost effective and easy way to heat your hot water and your home.

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Whether you're looking to compare gas prices, switch gas providers or need to arrange a gas connection, as the largest gas supplier in New Zealand, we've got a smart energy solution to fit your needs.

Natural gas is available in the North island and is the efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your water and your home. Piped natural gas is constant and as gas only heats the water as you use it, you'll never have to deal with running out of hot water. It heats quickly and efficiently too – which is important, because a lot of your home energy bill comes from water heating. Natural gas is also precise and controllable, so you'll always be able to get the right temperature whether you're using it to cook or heat your home.
Natural Gas is only available in the North Island.

When you choose Genesis Energy as your natural gas supplier, you'll receive competitive gas pricing and a 10% prompt payment discount on your bill when you pay it in full and on time. Sign up both your electricity and your natural gas with us and not only will you get the convenience of receiving only one bill you'll also be entitled to our Dual Fuel discount.

Three plans for you to choose from

Chances are you already enjoy the certainty of fixed monthly price plans for many services you use daily like your broadband or mobile phone. Now, in a first for New Zealand you can do the same with your gas.

Our three new flat monthly gas plans give you the certainty of paying the same amount each month for your gas even if you use a little extra. So you can relax knowing that you won't pay more for the occasional longer shower, additional heating for sudden cold snaps or cooking for a houseful of guests.

If you're currently already connected to the gas network and would like to switch to Genesis Energy, you can either do this quickly online or via the phone on 0800 300 400.

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Dual Fuel Discount

Find out how much more you could be saving when you bundle natural gas with your electricity.
*No prompt payment discount on bottled gas.

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Whether you're already our customer or looking to become one. Let us help make your gas connection hassle free.

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Gas Safety at Home

Gas safety information for in and around your home.


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