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 Bottled LPG is a simple solution to your cooking, heating and hot water needs. 

When you sign up to LPG with Genesis Energy, we'll deliver your LPG bottles directly to your home and if you are switching we will also arrange the return of empty bottles. 

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Need to order a refill?

Understand more about LPG and how you can tell when your bottle is nearly empty, that way - you will always have LPG!

Order an LPG bottle refill on our Mobile App – it's easy, tap-tap and you're done or request a refill below. 


New to Genesis Energy?

Switching is easy! We will deliver your new LPG bottles and arrange the return of your old bottles too. Call us on 0800 300 400 or request your switch online today and we'll get you sorted.
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What's the easiest way to order a LPG bottle refill?

The quickest way to reorder your LPG bottle is through our Genesis Energy Mobile App. If you are an existing Genesis Energy LPG customer, the App allows you to simply order your LPG anytime, it's easy, tap-tap and your'e done!

How can I make my LPG delivery go smoothly?

Please make sure trees are trimmed for the delivery truck, the access way is clear, and the ground is firm and non-slippery as the bottles are heavy. You don't need to be at home for the delivery but if you have any potential delivery issues like dogs or locked gates, please provide us with this information. We will give you a heads up the night before we expect to deliver your LPG with a text message. Deliveries will not be made if there is a health and safety risk to the delivery drivers. If you'd prefer that we don't notify you ahead of your delivery via a text message, please contact us to advise.

What happens when I order LPG?

Most homes have two LPG bottles so when the first LPG bottle is empty, you order a new one. We exchange the empty LPG bottle for a full one delivered within an average of four working days. Your automatic regulator switches supply to the full LPG bottle so that you still have LPG while you wait for your order. When you first order LPG from us, for safety reasons you must order two LPG bottles.

How do I know that my LPG bottle has been delivered?

When a bottle has been delivered there will be a delivery card left in your letterbox or on your bottles telling you when and how many bottles have been delivered.

Which LPG plan would suit my home?

The LPG bottle calculator is based on average household LPG usage. Actual consumption will be subject to other factors such as, how many and how often appliances are used.

Need an Electrician, Plumber or Gasfitter?^

Finding the right tradesperson can be stressful. So we've saved you the hassle.
Genesis Energy Trusted Trades puts you in touch with handpicked local tradespeople you can trust.

^Currently available in Auckland's North Shore. Terms of use apply.

What do I do if an LPG appliance doesn't work?

Firstly, check the regulator on top of the bottles to see if your bottles are empty. If there's still gas in at least one of the bottles, check to make sure your bottles are turned on and check your appliances for basic errors such as a pilot light having gone off. If you want to know more about how your LPG bottles work, click here. If there's no obvious explanation, call your gas fitter.

Why do I have more than one 45kg LPG bottle?

One bottle provides the main supply and the other provides extra gas when needed due to increased demand from your appliances. It's important that all LPG cylinders are left turned on for your appliances to work efficiently.

Even though both bottles are turned on, you will not run out of gas any quicker, as your appliance will not continuously draw gas from both bottles.

LPG Terms and Conditions

Genesis Energy has its own LPG terms and conditions.

View LPG terms and conditions

What To Do In Emergencies? 

In case of emergencies, please contact us immediately at 0800 300 400.

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