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Could your energy use be eating into profits? You’re not alone. EECA’s research shows that businesses typically waste up to 20% of the energy they use and pay for – meaning higher energy bills, reduced profit, and a less competitive business.

There are many things you can do that are easy and free, and a little more effort will reward you with more savings. Using Energy IQ gives you more insights and more control over your usage, so you can make smarter energy decisions for your business.

Using less energy also means you’re improving your carbon footprint, which could help you attract staff and customers who care who they do business with. Check out EECA to see other ways you can get started on saving energy.

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Ways to save

Make immediate tweaks and you’ll start saving straight away.

Ideas to cut down your power use:

EECA’s Energy Management Journey Tool

EECA’s research shows that collectively, New Zealand businesses are wasting $1.6 billion per year on energy.

The Energy Management Journey (EMJ) Tool can help you save power straight away. It rates your energy use compared to similar businesses, shows you what you could change to use less, and which changes will make the biggest difference to your bill. It has energy saving tips for the agricultural, commercial, industrial and transport sectors.

You’ll get information on:

  • how much you can save
  • what’s involved
  • where to go for help
  • what other businesses are doing to reduce energy waste

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