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Get to know your business energy bill.

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What does my power bill pay for?

Your energy bill is made up of different parts contributing to the total cost, and there’s also a lot of information about your property. To help you navigate what make up the charges on your bill, here's a simple breakdown of these costs.

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Transmission and distribution – 35.5%

These are the costs required to build and maintain the power lines that transport electricity from where it is generated to your house - Genesis pays this cost to the regional lines companies, and these costs are covered in the Network Charges portion of your bill.

Wholesale costs (Generation) – 32%

This is the cost we pay for purchasing electricity.

Retail – 13%

This is what retailers like Genesis charge for providing services.

Metering and other– 4.5%

This includes the cost of reading and maintaining your electricity meter and the Electricity Authority Levy, which everyone pays. This levy helps to fund the authority's work to regulate the electricity industry.

GST – 15%

The Goods and Services Tax for your total bill price.

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Finding info on your bill

A descriptive and diagrammatic guide to make your bill easier to navigate.

More about large business bills

View a bill that includes half hourly and time-of-use billing. This bill is an example only and not all items appear on all bills.

Information about network charges

Genesis invoices you for your energy costs, the lines company charges for your area as well as other costs such as meter reading, Government levies, taxes and our service charge. The Network Charges shown on your bill are a total of the applicable rates from your local lines company and a charge from Genesis.

Not all networks have the same charges, and we recommend you check your local lines company for more details on their different rates and charges.

Networks have a range of charges specific to business accounts. These charges are related to supply across a network, management of demand during peak periods, or for the type of metering you have. Below is a summary of these charges.

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Take control

With Energy IQ, you can take control of your business energy bill and easily manage your account online.

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Everything in one place

Whether your business needs electricity, natural gas, bottled gas or a combination - we've got you covered.

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Have some questions?

Check out our handy FAQs - packed with information to help you get your energy needs sorted.