Natural gas for business

The economical fuel option.

natural gas
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Why natural gas?

As the most economical fossil fuel, piped natural gas is a clever energy option for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.


Kitchens thrive on gas because chefs have instant heat and the added safety of a visible flame. And if you need to heat your workspace or venue quickly, gas works fast and allows you to easily control the heat.

Cost efficient

Piped gas is the most economical option for continuous hot water, as you’ll only pay to heat the water you actually use. Ideal for hotels, health services or leisure centres.


Gas is a smart option for any type of business – new or existing, big or small, from restaurants to farms.

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Bottled gas

Bottled gas

Great for heating, cooking and hot water - we make using bottled gas easy.

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Get bigger discounts when you combine your electricity and gas on one bill.