Standard Meters

Your business electricity and gas meters are how we gauge your energy bills.

How To Read Your Meter - Genesis Energy NZ

By regularly submitting electricity and/or natural gas meter reads, your power bills will be based on your actual usage, rather than estimates. To put it simply – you'll only pay for what you've used.

Need more information about our standard meters ? Read our FAQs below:

When you receive an estimated power bill you can always check our estimate with the actual meter reading. If the two readings vary greatly then you may wish to provide us with your reading. This has the advantage of:

  • Billing you to a reading based on your actual usage as opposed to an estimate. This may have the effect of reducing fluctuations between actual and estimated bills.
  • Allowing you to have more control over your usage. Monitoring your own electricity and /or natural gas readings will allow you to view your usage pattern and identify if any sudden increases occur, rather than having to wait until the next actual reading by a meter reader.