Advanced meters for business

Say goodbye to estimated readings forever with a Genesis Energy
Advanced Meter.^

This advanced piece of technology tells us your exact energy usage without the need for a meter reader coming to your place of work. Plus you can still check your own reading anytime you prefer. And everything links to your my Account so you can always keep track of exactly how much energy you're using.

^We may need to provide estimated readings and/or visit your property if we are unable to remotely communicate with your meter, if technical issues occur or for maintenance and auditing purposes.

Advanced meter suburbs

See below for the suburbs where Advanced Meters will be installed in March and April 2015.

To view areas that have had Advanced Meters installed please see below.

Need more information about our Advanced Meters ? Read our FAQs below:

At Genesis Energy, we believe our Advanced Meter is the best metering technology available as it allows us to provide your business an improved metering and a billing service. Here are below some the steps to read your Advanced Meter: Your Advanced Meter's screen will automatically change its display every eight seconds.

  • To stop the screen changing, just press the "SELECT" button
  • Your meter reading will appear on the screen.
  • If you have more than one price plan (i.e. ‘Anytime' and ‘Controlled'), just repeat the steps above until you've got all the different meter readings.

Getting to know your Advanced Meter screen:

Every eight seconds, the info displayed on your Advanced Meter's screen will change – in this order:

If you switch off your main electricity switch we won't be able to read your Advanced Meter remotely and may need to provide you with estimated meter readings until your electricity is switched back on.

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