Genesis & Z Fuel & Fly Buys Offer Terms and Conditions as at 26 February 2019

  1. Fuel discount is 10c per litre off the advertised pump price ("Special Fuel Discount"). The points offer consists of 50 bonus points ("Points Offer"). The Fuel Discount and Points Offer (together the "Fly Buys Pumped Fuel Promotion") is valid for petrol or diesel ("Fuel") purchases up to 100L per transaction at Z service stations nationwide. All Fuel types may not be available at all participating service stations.

  2. This offer is only valid from 12am – 11.59pm Tuesday 26 February 2019 when you swipe your Fly Buys card in-store or at Pay at Pump at Z stations nationwide on your fuel transactions.

  3. This offer does not apply to Fastlane customers using the Fastlane service at any Fastlane site.

  4. This offer excludes fuel card purchases.

  5. You must have received an invitation to participate in the Points Offer and as at 20 February 2019 have registered a Fly Buys card number with Genesis and have your Genesis account linked to that Fly Buys card (each an "Eligible Customer").

  6. Special Fuel Discount available to members who receive this offer and cardholders on the recipient’s Fly Buys account.”

  7. The Fly Buys Pumped Fuel Promotion may only be redeemed once within the promotion period per Fly Buys card linked to an Eligible Customer’s Genesis account.

  8. Bonus points will be added to your Fly Buys account within 14 business days of the 26 February 2019 Promotion date.

  9. Subject to paragraph 10, if you are eligible for multiple Fly Buys Pumped offers, Z will automatically apply only the most generous fuel discount and corresponding Fly Buys points applicable to you at the time of the transaction, not all the offers you are eligible for.

  10. If you present a Fuelup voucher with a Fly Buys card, your fuel discount will be determined by the Fuelup Voucher, not the Fly Buys Pumped discount advertised. Fly Buys points will continue to be collected.

  11. For Fly Buys standard terms and conditions visit

  12. For Genesis Fly Buys standard terms and conditions visit