Genesis Energy – Fly Buys Special Offer Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the Fly Buys offer, you must first satisfy the Genesis Energy account opening credit criteria. Once this has been satisfied, the terms below will apply:

  1. To be eligible, and remain eligible, for the Fly Buys offer, you must:
    1. have received this offer by way of:

      i) an email or letter from either Genesis Energy or Fly Buys containing this offer; or

      ii) a call from our outbound call centre or the Genesis Energy Customer Excellence Centre; or

      iii) by registering your Fly Buys number through the Genesis Energy website; together the "Communications";
    2. be a new Genesis Energy residential electricity customer (excluding customers in a buying group and pre-paid customers) signed up with Genesis Energy by 31 August 2017 and have paid your first Genesis Energy bill;
    3. be on a standard single-phase residential connection and not on an embedded network;
    4. be the customer named on this offer and the Genesis Energy bill with a corresponding Fly Buys membership number.
  2. The Offer may vary and will depend on the offer set out in the Communications you received. As such:
    1. If the Communications state that you are entitled to receive Fly Buys bonus points, you will receive the value of bonus points as stated in the Communications;
    2. If the Communications state that you are entitled to a multiplier on top of the standard Fly Buys earn rate (the standard earn rate is 1 point for every $50 you spend with Genesis Energy), subject to you joining Genesis Energy you may be entitled to the stated multiplier for the stated period ("Multiplier"). The Multiplier is not applied to any bonus points.

      These Fly Buys points will be allocated to your Fly Buys account following the payment of your Genesis Energy bill on or after 7 May 2017.
  3. Multipliers will only apply to every $50 the customer spends on energy with Genesis Energy, as billed by Genesis Energy (excluding bonus points) while:
    1. You remain a Genesis Energy residential electricity customer;
    2. You remain a Fly Buys member;
    3. Genesis Energy remains a Fly Buys partner;
    4. You don't move to a buying group or embedded network, or become a pre-paid customer; and
    5. In the case of Multipliers and bonus points related to dual fuel, while you remain a dual fuel customer.