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Fly Buys Easy to Switch Offer - Terms and Conditions 

  1. To be eligible for the Fly Buys Easy to switch ("Offer"), you must be:
    1. be a new Genesis residential electricity and/ or natural gas customer (which may include existing Genesis residential electricity customers adding natural gas to their account); and
    2. switch your electricity or gas supply at your primary residence to Genesis before 30 November 2017.
    3. sign up to the Price Park 12 Plan.
    4. Offer available only for eligible Fly Buys members who received the eDM's.
  2. The Offer includes:
    1. 1x900 Fly Buys bonus points, 2x multiplier (excludes bonus points) for the term of the Price Park 12 Plan, plus, if you take up another fuel (dual fuel customers) you will receive an extra 1x 100 bonus points;
    2. 10% prompt payment discount when you pay your bill in full on or before the due date on your bill. An additional 5% on your prompt payment discount may apply when you have both electricity and natural gas with Genesis at the same residential address.
    3. Price Park 12 plan with 12-months fixed contract.
Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry