185,141 hours of free energy generated*!

You put the energy in, we gave it back to Genesis-powered schools!

Emirates Team New Zealand’s biggest supporters

We turned screams and shouts into real energy

We know how much New Zealand fans put into supporting our nation. So, we took the energy that Kiwis put into supporting Emirates Team New Zealand, and gave it back to schools. How? By creating the Genesis Supporter Shirt – a high-tech shirt that turned supporter energy into free power for Genesis-powered schools.

How the Supporter Shirt worked

The shirt used state-of-the-art wearable technology which measured the energy fans put in when watching the team race. The shirt measured their heart rate, movement, stress levels and calories burnt. We converted calories burnt from all supporters into free power for Genesis-powered schools.*

Biometric data from supporters real-time physical reactions went live to the country via our dashboard, so the nation could see who was stressed, who was leaping and whose heart was racing extra fast.

*For every calculated 72,000 calories burnt by our nation of supporters, we gave a Genesis-powered school one hour of free classroom power. To work this out we took the average calories burned by Supporter Shirt wearers during a race and multiplied this by our nation of supporters (5 million New Zealanders) to get total supporter energy.

Something super

On board with schools for 14 years

Our Genesis School-gen programme has supported Kiwi schools with free educational resources since 2006. We inspire kids to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) through learning about sustainability, innovation and energy, gaining the knowledge they need for the STEM jobs of future.

America’s Cup trophy goes back to school

Kiwi schools went all-out to show their support for Emirates Team New Zealand. Four schools won a magical day with our champion sailors and designers, and the America's Cup trophy.

Not the only bright sparks

We took powering Emirates Team New Zealand to a new level by installing curved solar panels to the base - inexhaustible energy at its best, a bit like the crew.