eSaver Timaru Offer Terms and Conditions as at 29 April 2019

  1. To be eligible for the eSaver Timaru Offer ("Offer") you must sign up to the eSaver 12 Months Plan for your property for:
    1. Electricity; and/or
    2. LPG, sign up to an One Free Bottled Gas Offer ( with a Bottled Gas Smart Plan ( )
      1. (each, an “Offer”)
      2. between 29 April 2019 and 31st May 2019
  1. The Offer includes:
    1. a credit to your applicable bill as follows:
      1. in the case of adding an electricity Plan only, a one-off bill credit of $200 (including GST) to be applied to your electricity bill; or
      2. in the case of adding both an electricity Plan and LPG Plan, a one-off bill credit of $150 (including GST) to be applied to your electricity bill and a one-off free LPG bottle, applied as a one-off bill credit to the value of an LPG bottle (including GST) to be applied to your LPG bill.
  2. This Offer expires on 31 May 2019.
  3. This Offer is not available in conjunction (in part or in whole) with any other offer from Genesis Energy unless previously agreed to.
  4. This Offer is not transferable, refundable or redeemable for cash.
  5. Genesis Energy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way up to the expiry of this Offer.
  6. If the Offer and/or Plan includes any bill credits, only one bill credit will be credited per customer and/or per home during the Offer period.
  7. Entry into this Offer implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Offer.
  8. Genesis Energy’s eSaver 12 Months Plan Term and Conditions and Standard Terms and Conditions apply and, where applicable, Genesis Energy’s LPG Terms and Conditions, Genesis Energy’s Direct Debit and/or Credit Card Terms and Conditions; Genesis Energy’s Fly Buys Standard Terms and Conditions will also apply. Please refer to for further terms and conditions that may also apply to this Offer. Any changes to any such applicable terms and conditions during the period of your fixed term will not take effect until after your initial fixed term has expired, unless such changes are imposed by law.