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Environmental Reporting - Genesis Energy NZ

Genesis understands that all aspects of its business impact on the company's environmental footprint and in order to reduce its environmental footprint it must:

  • Identify those who have responsibility for environmental management.
  • Identify and document all environmental effects associated with our activities.
  • Identify environmental objectives and develop associated work programmes to address our environmental effects.
  • Regularly review how well we are implementing our environmental values and meeting our objectives. Identify those areas which require corrective action.
  • Report publicly on our environmental performance.

Genesis has developed an Environmental Management Framework which utilises a number of different business systems to manage the company's environmental impact. The framework has been tailored to suit the specific nature of our business, legislative requirements and our stakeholder's needs.

Environmental effects are managed via the Genesis Environmental Management Framework and vary depending on whether the activities are associated with its hydro generation sites at Tongariro, Waikaremoana and Tekapo, its thermal generation site at Huntly, or wind generation at Hau Nui.

Environmental mitigation and initiatives

As a responsible energy provider we do our utmost to ensure any negative effect on the environment is avoided, remedied or mitigated. The company has a range of measures in place to manage the environment both through consent conditions and agreements.

Our hydro generation sites at Tongariro, Waikaremoana and Tekapo, and our thermal generation site at Huntly have on going mitigation responsibilities which are managed on a daily basis.

In addition to these, Genesis recognises that it is no longer appropriate to simply address the effects of operations based on resource consent requirements. We are striving to create a more holistic approach to our environmental management, whilst still maintaining our commitment to the local community and we have committed to a variety of community initiatives which are intended to further reduce our footprint.

Find out more about Genesis' community initiatives.

Further information

Please contact our environmental team if you have a query regarding environmental management at Genesis - [email protected]

Genesis has a Rivers, Lakes & Rainfall section on this website to ensure that critical details which relate to the water levels in its hydro schemes are always available for the public.

Environmental Reporting - Genesis Energy NZ

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