Use your heat pump efficiently this winter

By Claire Glynn | 24 August 2016

Heat Pumps can be a very cost effective heating option compared to other electric heaters. Choose the right model for your space & use it correctly and you could save on your winter energy bill.

How understanding your power meter could help you manage your money

By Byron Weaver | 28 July 2016

Learning how to read your power meter is a simple and effective way to be aware of your electricity usage and help manage your money on your monthly bill.

What is LPG

By Shane Le Beau | 20 May 2016

In New Zealand, we tend to rely on two types of gas for our household energy needs: natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

Power bills - how to split them fairly

By Claire Glynn | 17 December 2015

The cost of living in Auckland and other New Zealand cities is rising. So, if you’re sharing a home, make sure you are only paying your fair share of the power bill.

Smelling gas? It could be a leak. What should you do?

By Claire Glynn | 1 December 2015

Using natural gas is a safe and economical option for cooking and heating your water and home. Would you know what to do if you smelled gas in your home?