PowerFreeze, GasFreeze and LPGFreeze Terms & Conditions from 24 December 2020

View terms related to accounts signed up prior to 24 December 2020.

Offer Eligibility
  1. To be eligible for any of the PowerFreeze, GasFreeze or LPGFreeze plans (“Offer”), you must be:
    1. a Genesis Energy business customer,
    2. and your business site/s must have no requirement for interval metering.

  2. The PowerFreeze and GasFreeze plans include:
    1. fixed pricing for 12 or 24 months. For the Genesis Energy component of your pricing (including the per unit variable charge and daily fixed charge) for the 12 or 24-month term of the plan.
    2. Genesis Energy component of the Daily Fixed Charge and the Variable Rate are fixed for the term of the agreement, but network/distribution (lines) company’s charges and any applicable levies included in the Daily Fixed Charge and the Variable Rate(s) may change during the term of the agreement and may be passed on to you.
    3. a prompt payment discount as included in the quote.

  3. The LPGFreeze plan includes:
    1. fixed pricing for 24 months for the bottle refill and standard delivery charge (per 45kg bottle) and fixed annual bottle rental charge, for the 24-month term of the plan.
Eligibility, Exclusions, Termination and Expiry