Home energy efficiency

Doing home renovations is a great time to improve the energy efficiency of your home

Energy efficient home

By including these smart energy solutions into your renovations, not only will you be making your home warmer and healthier, you'll also be saving money on your energy bills.

Installing insulation

Including ceiling and underfloor insulation in your renovation plan are important steps in making your home warmer and drier, plus doing renovations will often give you the opportunity to cost effectively insulate your walls. With the internal wall lining removed, and prior to the wall insulation being applied, you can also arrange for a certified electrician to complete any necessary electrical rewiring. You can also use this time to insert any additional framing you want, in order to support hanging things on your finished wall.

Installing energy efficient lighting

While replacing any old incandescent bulbs with more efficient alternatives will use less power as soon as you switch them out, renovating also gives you the opportunity to review your lighting plan. For example, recessed downlights are great for task lighting, however your power consumption supporting them might be high because you're using a large number of them to provide an even light. If you have recessed downlights, you could consider either replacing them with non-recessed light fittings or look at modern downlight fitting options, that can be insulated over.

Reviewing your hot water heating

The way you heat your water has significant impact on your energy bill. As many older homes have outdated hot water systems, you may want to consider replacing or changing your set up to gas as part of your renovation plan. When making a decision on your hot water heating solution, you should consider the size of your household, how you use the hot water and the kind of energy sources you have available.

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