Trade Connections Electricity & Gas Rates

With Trade Connections you'll get a temporary electricity connection (for up to 6 months) priced to suit the way you work+. A new connection fee of $280 exc. GST will be charged for each new electricity connection*.This fee will include your change from temporary to permanent upgrade and the daily fixed charges for both residential and low capacity commercial builds. All other rates are set out in the table below.

Genesis Energy does not charge new gas connection fees, but third party charges (e.g. network companies) may be applicable and Genesis Energy will pass these on if they are incurred.

Plus, if you've just completed a build and it hasn't sold, you can continue to use our Spec Rates for both electricity and gas^.

Trade Electricity Rates

(1-7 kWh/day)

Super (7+ kWh/day) Unmetered Temp (Christchurch Only) Spec Rates Electricity

Spec Rates Gas

Daily Fixed Charge - cents/day None 50 66 (approx.) None None
Variable Rate - cents/kWh 35 28 N/A 35 30

+ Builders Temporary Rates are available for up to 6 months and for building sites only.

* Additional third party fees such as temp box hireage, inspection and network fees may be applicable and will be invoiced directly to you by those parties.

^ Spec Rates are only applicable on permanent electricity and gas connections up to the date of sale or up to 6 months, whichever is earliest.

Genesis Energy standard terms and conditions of energy supply apply. Prices are before 10% prompt payment discount and exclude GST.

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