Tongariro Riverflow

Water is utilised from rivers in the Tongariro, Whangaehu, Rangitikei and Whanganui catchments.

River flows can vary quickly and it is a good idea to check the weather forecast and assess flow conditions on the river before heading out. In some river systems, rainfall in headwater catchments will result in rapid increases in river levels downstream where there may be little rainfall.

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Monitoring site Flow in last hour (m3/sec) Date & time of measurement 7 day max flow (m3/sec) Date & time of 7 day max flow
Moawhango at Waiouru 0.7 26/02/17 11:15 0.7 19/02/17 21:20
Moawhango at Moawhango 1.3 26/02/17 11:15 6.5 20/02/17 04:00
Tongariro at Waipakihi 6.2 26/02/17 11:20 18.5 19/02/17 11:20
Tongariro at Rangipo 0.6 26/02/17 11:20 4.6 21/02/17 20:45
Tongariro downstream of Poutu Intake 16.2 26/02/17 11:15 18.1 20/02/17 17:20
Tongariro at Turangi 27.5 26/02/17 11:20 33.8 20/02/17 17:20
Whakapapa at Footbridge 4.5 26/02/17 11:15 5.7 22/02/17 07:15
Whanganui at Below Piriaka 17.5 26/02/17 11:20 26.2 19/02/17 11:20
Whanganui at Te Maire 32.4 26/02/17 11:15 88.6 19/02/17 23:30

This hydrology information has been compiled by Genesis Energy for general information purposes only. The data shows rainfall and river flow information, it is not a forecasting tool.  River users should check rainfall and river flow data, alongside weather forecasts to make a decision about whether it is safe to enter waterways. Genesis Energy does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information nor does it accept any liability or responsibility for any error, inaccuracy or omission in the information or for the use of such information by any person for any purpose.

If you have questions or comments you can contact Genesis Energy's Hydrology Staff.

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