Tekapo Power Scheme

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The Tekapo Power Scheme has been owned and operated by Genesis Energy since 1 June 2011.

The 179MW hydro scheme is located at the head of the Waitaki Valley in the Mackenzie District of the South Island. Water is taken from Lake Tekapo through an intake tunnel and generates electricity through Tekapo A Station (25MW). Outflows from Tekapo A flow through the Tekapo canal before entering Tekapo B Power Station (154MW). Tekapo B sits in the bed of Lake Pūkaki, with outflows entering the lake directly.

Tekapo Power Scheme Stations

Tekapo Power Station
Year Commissioned

Tekapo A - 1951

Tekapo B - 1977

Total Capacity

Tekapo A - 25MW

Tekapo B - 154MW

Generation Units:

Tekapo A - One 25MW unit

Tekapo B - Two 77MW units

Resource Consents

Genesis Energy holds a number of resource consents which allow for the operation of the Tekapo Power Scheme. Monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance with consent conditions forms a significant part of the operation of the scheme. Genesis Energy also has mitigation agreements in place to manage its effects on the environment. In addition, environmental initiatives have been set up to enhance the surrounding environment and these are over and above the consent related legal obligations.

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