Why Genesis Energy?

Agribusiness, horticulture, viticulture, forestry, engineering, long-established or new-to-the-scene... however you might describe your rural business, there's a lot we have to offer.

Besides supplying you with great-value electricity, natural gas or bottled LPG - we can show you ways to keep that bill down with energy efficiency tips. If you're in dairying, our Dairy Efficiency Calculator will help you pinpoint further savings around the milking shed.

As a Genesis Energy rural customer, you'll be able to take advantage of:

We know how important it is to keep your costs down when running your farm, so here are some great tips for being more energy efficient - and reduce your energy bills.

On the Farm

Record your monthly consumption and compare it to your past consumption and production records. Large variations in energy use provide an early warning of any problems.

Consider upgrading to the most energy efficient light bulbs for your operation.

Consider if using electricity at off-peak times could work for your operation. Depending on your agreed pricing tariff, this could reduce your energy costs.

For the Dairy Shed

For your milking system, investigate installing a variable speed drive (VSD) to maintain your vacuum pump at a constant level.

Use a plate pre-cooler for milk chilling, while a secondary cooler combined with a refrigerator heat recovery unit can offer additional heat recovery opportunities.

Check out our Genesis Energy Dairy Efficiency Calculator.

For the Field and Orchard

If you are currently using valves to control the flow of water, discuss installing a variable speed drive (VSD) with your irrigation system consultant. This will match the power requirement to what is required to deliver the water volume.

Use gravity supply where possible to eliminate the need for pumping water.

Use a soil moisture sensor or a professional service to schedule your irrigation applications.

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