Moving house tips

Helping you get your electricity and gas connected in your new home is just one way we aim to make moving easier for you. To make your house move a smooth one, you can view our moving house checklist.

We've also put together some handy moving house tips to give you an extra helping hand.

Before the move

  • If you are a current Genesis Energy customer, you can simply fill out our moving house online form or call us to arrange your new electricity and/or gas connection.
  • Research and plan your moving transportation, do you require a moving/truck rental company or a furniture mover or do you have friends and family that can help you move out? If you hire house movers or hire a moving truck for the day, make sure that you are covered by insurance.
  • Before moving in your new property, make sure you re-evaluate your home and create a list of everyone you'll need to notify of your new address.
  • De-clutter! Here's the chance to get rid of things you no longer use. Why not give them to charity or sell them on TradeMe?

Packing your items

  • Start packing your items with the heavy stuff on the bottom and put the more fragile items on top of the boxes. Don't forget to have the right materials (cardboard boxes, tape, papers, bubble wrap and packing material to fill in the gaps between fragile items).
  • Label everything on outside of your moving boxes especially if the box contains "FRAGILE" items. Then on the moving day the boxes can be easily placed in the right rooms, and you can find everything promptly.

Moving house with kids

  • Make the move a fun activity for the kids and encourage them to help out where they can: labeling the boxes, packing select boxes, ensuring the boxes are in the right rooms on arrival.
  • Take them to local parks or areas beforehand so they can start to get comfortable with their new surroundings.
  • Pack a bag for your kids with their favourite toys, snacks and clothing for the moving day.
  • If necessary, organise a babysitter for the day of the move.

Moving house with pets

  • Make sure your pet's routine is kept as normal as possible prior the move. Pack your pet's toy at the very last minute.
  • Remember to use a pet-carrier for safety and security reasons. All cats and small dogs need to be transported in one of them.
  • Keep your pet's water bowls, favourite treats and toys handy for the moving day.
  • When you get to your new house, do not just let your pets roam aimlessly, confine them to one room at first and slowly throughout the house.

On moving day

  • Leave a clean house behind and ensure you get that all-important rental bond back if you are renting a place.
  • Pack a light lunch and a drink. You'd be surprised how a simple snack can help keep energy levels up.
  • Fridges that are laid on their side or back while being moved should be left for 24 hours before being plugged in and turned on to ensure the fridge coolant works properly.
  • Check your meter before electricity is connected. Is your meter accessible? Is it in the ‘off' position?

After the move

These tips should help you get that feeling about your new house and your new community after the move.

  • Find out your new rubbish and recycling days.
  • Investigate your local transport options.
  • Visit the local restaurants for take-away menus.

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