Moving house checklist

We know how stressful moving house can be.
With a little planning and advice on what to do when moving house, this can be light work. Instead of rushing the last days and enduring all the stress from moving, we've created a handy moving house checklist to use for the months, weeks and days ahead of your move, so you can stay organised throughout the moving process.

2 months before you move house

It's time to start thinking big, collating lists and getting things in order. In the early days, remember to:

  • Compare the costs of using a moving company or hiring a truck or a van if you are moving yourself and determine the cheapest and the most efficient way to move house.
  • Re-evaluate and get a quote for your home and contents insurance.
  • Research storage facilities if needed.
  • Start keeping a list of mail and suppliers to notify of your move (bank, insurance, etc...)
  • Create a "moving" folder to keep a record of everything you need related to your move such as real-estate documents, furniture movers contact details, receipts.
  • Start collecting storage boxes for your house moving.

1 month before you move house

The day will come around quicker than you think, so now's the time to get active as follow:

  • Confirm your moving schedule with the real estate agent or landlord at your new location. Arrange interim accommodation if required.
  • If buying or selling a house, confirm with your lawyer or real estate agent when you will need to sign any necessary documentation.
  • Notify providers, your landlord if you are renting and relevant people of your address change.
  • Contact and confirm details with the moving/truck rental company for your moving day.
  • Call your telecommunication company to arrange disconnection of the service at your old address and arrange broadband and/or phone connection at your new address.
  • To arrange your electricity and/or gas connection at your new place, you can simply fill out our moving home online form or call us if you are a Genesis Energy customer. If you want to switch power company and become a Genesis Energy customer, compare our current offers here.
  • If you are renting, arrange an inspection time with the landlord or agent so that your bond can be released.
  • Arrange the transfer of your children's school records to their new school.
  • Book in cleaners or make sure you schedule the necessary time to clean the place. If you need to clean your place before moving out, make sure you request that your electricity and gas is disconnected after you'll be finished.
  • Create an "essentials box" to keep with you on the day of your move so you don't have to search through and open all the boxes looking for a "must have" item.
  • Start packing non-essential items.
  • Take unwanted items to charity shops or look to sell on TradeMe.

1 week before you move house

It's almost moving day, so during the next few days you'll need to:

  • Contact the current owners of the property you will be moving into and ask them to leave any special instructions about the house, e.g. heating, alarm details, etc…
  • Continue and finish all the packing in clearly labelled boxes and clean as you go. Make sure you have enough tape, boxes, bubble wrap, etc...
  • Arrange time off work if needed for your moving day and following day.
  • Settle any outstanding bills.
  • Start disassembling non-essential furniture.
  • Turn off the fridge, freezer and washing machine to defrost and dry out the day before your move.
  • Collect the house keys for your new property if you can.

On moving day

With so much preparation for the day, make sure it goes smoothly and ensure you:

  • Finish any cleaning and remove all rubbish.
  • Keep some essentials items, food, drinks with for the first night at your new place.
  • Depending on what you have agreed with the new people moving in, you may need to turn off the power and water.
  • Read your meter so that you won't be overcharged on any utility bills.
  • Make sure the property you are leaving is secure, electricity and gas turned off
  • Do a final tour of your home, double-checking cupboards, drawers, and other storage areas for belongings that may have been left behind.
  • Leave the house keys with the appropriate person or agency.
  • Once at your new home, double-check that everything in the property is in order and meets the terms of your purchase contract.
  • If moving into a rental property, take note or photograph any issues/damage to the property that were there when you moved in - make sure you give a copy of this to your landlord so that you don't lose your bond when you move out.
  • When you arrive at your new house, take new meter readings for your electricity and gas.

After the move

  • As you begin the unpacking process, check for damage or missing items.
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbours and get acquainted with the neighbourhood.
  • And finally, but certainly not least, crack open that bottle of bubbly, set a date of housewarming party and start celebrating your new home.

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