Survival tips for moving house with kids

By Claire Glynn | 10 October 2016

Tips and advice to help you survive moving house with kids, including planning, packing and helping them (and you) cope

How solar power works

By Matthew Hickey | 16 September 2016

Solar panels provide renewable clean energy. They could be a good option for daytime energy users.

Use your heat pump efficiently this winter

By Claire Glynn | 24 August 2016

Heat Pumps can be a very cost effective heating option compared to other electric heaters. Choose the right model for your space & use it correctly and you could save on your winter energy bill.

Top tips to keep cosy at home this winter

By Claire Glynn | 8 August 2016

Keep yourself warm at home this winter with soft furnishings using our tips.

Why is my bill so high in winter?

By Claire Glynn | 5 August 2016

Energy bills increase during winter as households use more power for heating. Here are some tips for keeping those costs under control.

How understanding your power meter could help you manage your money

By Byron Weaver | 28 July 2016

Learning how to read your power meter is a simple and effective way to be aware of your electricity usage and help manage your money on your monthly bill.

Energy saving during winter

By Stu MacRae | 20 July 2016

With winter here, it’s a good time to look for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Here are some ideas on how to save energy.

Smart homes

By Claire Glynn | 12 July 2016

Smart homes have an ecosystem of appliances and systems that communicate via WiFi or Bluetooth. This is also called the internet of things (IoT).

7 energy saving tips for seniors

By Claire Glynn | 28 June 2016

Are you retired and looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption? We can help you save power with our seven quick energy saving tips.

9 tips to keep your kids safe around electricity

By Claire Glynn | 30 May 2016

We use electricity at home for almost everything we do every single day of our lives. Here are our top 10 tips to make your home energy-safe.

What is LPG

By Shane Le Beau | 20 May 2016

In New Zealand, we tend to rely on two types of gas for our household energy needs: natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

16 downsizing must dos for seniors

By Claire Glynn | 21 April 2016

You’ve decided to downsize, now it’s time to move. Here’s a roundup of 16 things that could help save energy in your new home.

4 tips to downsizing

By Claire Glynn | 6 April 2016

If you’re looking to downsize your home, then you need to make sure that with all the effort – it’s actually costing you less in energy.

Future of energy

By Albert Brantley | 11 March 2016

The energy industry, like every industry, is facing an exciting, rapidly evolving environment across multiple fronts. Some changes we can see, others not so clear, but all will put pressure on...

Moving house check list

By Claire Glynn | 2 February 2016

Here are 16 things that you need to think about when you are making a move to save money and power.

Power bills - how to split them fairly

By Claire Glynn | 17 December 2015

The cost of living in Auckland and other New Zealand cities is rising. So, if you’re sharing a home, make sure you are only paying your fair share of the power bill.

Smelling gas? It could be a leak. What should you do?

By Claire Glynn | 1 December 2015

Using natural gas is a safe and economical option for cooking and heating your water and home. Would you know what to do if you smelled gas in your home?