In case of an emergency, please contact us immediately:

Residential Customers:
0800 300 400
Business Customers:
0800 600 900
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What to do in a gas emergency or if you suspect a gas leak inside:

  1. Turn off your gas supply, if it's safe to do so
    • To turn off your metered gas supply, turn the valve handle to horizontal (level with the ground). You may need a spanner to do this.
    • To turn off your gas bottle supply, turn the valve clockwise until it closes completely.
    • Remember to keep flames and cigarettes out of the room and away from the area.
  2. Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows.
  3. Leave electrical appliances as they are - don't turn them off or on, as this could cause a spark to ignite gas.
  4. Vacate the premises and use a phone away from the area to call Genesis Energy on 0800 300 400 (Residential) or 0800 600 900 (Business) and press option 1. Or for LPG Gas emergencies 0800 436 020
  5. Remember to call us from a neighbouring property if possible as your property may be unsafe to remain in.

If you smell gas outside your property, please call 0800 436 020 and evacuate to a safe area upwind from the gas smell.

If there is a Gas fire, call 111 immediately.

For more information see gassafety.org.nz

What to do in an electrical accident

  • If someone suffers an electric shock, don't touch them while they're still in contact with the source of electricity.
  • Turn off the power or disconnect the appliance.
  • If the power can't be turned off, use non-conductive material, such as a piece of wood (for example a wooden broom handle), to separate the victim from the power source.
  • Dial 111 immediately.
  • If breathing has stopped, apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • If someone is burned, apply cold water to the burns. If the burns are severe, call 111 for medical instructions.
If you have any other questions, please call our dedicated fault line on 0800 300 400, it is open 24/7.