When times are tough, we’re here for you

Our Te Tira Manaaki o Kenehi (Genesis Caring Team) is here for you

This is a stressful time for many of our customers who may be worrying about the impact COVID-19 will have on their finances, families, businesses and health. We’re in this together and can help and support you through these uncertain times.

We provide a wide range of services to support those who are medically dependent, or who simply need help controlling and managing their power bills.

Check out our Consumer Care Policy.

Help with paying your bill

Worrying about paying your bills is stressful, we understand that. Financial hardship is more common than you might think. We pride ourselves on being here for Kiwis through good times and bad. If you’re finding things tough, our team will treat you with respect and empathy, so please reach out.

We will work with you to keep your lights on and home warm. And we’re always here to…

  • check that you are on the most suitable pricing plan
  • help find a payment solution that works for you
  • provide tips and advice on how to save on your energy bill
  • recommend budgeting services to help you manage your bills
  • help you track your usage through Energy IQ

If you just need a bit more time to pay your bill, you can login/register with Energy IQ and request a 14-day extension.

Te Tira Manaaki o Kenehi (Genesis Caring Team) is here to better serve and support you through good times and bad. They’re a dedicated bunch, ready to talk options for managing your power bill. Meet some of the team below.

Hear from Desiree

Meet Desiree who gives us insight into how being an older customer impacts her electricity use. We know how important it is to recognise the unique needs of our customers. We especially want our older customers to know we’re here to support them and that no matter their situation, we’re committed to finding a solution that works for them.

If you or a loved one is in need of support, don't wait to get in touch.

Plenty of support available

MoneyTalks (FinCap)

Free and confidential budgeting advice available to individuals, family and whānau. Financial mentors will help to understand your financial situation, organise your debt and plan.


A no-cost, in-home energy coaching service for households at risk of energy hardship who are struggling to pay their power bill or keep their home warm.

Work and Income

You could be eligible for WINZ support. WINZ also help existing beneficiaries manage outstanding bills and get your debt to a manageable level.

Energy IQ

Our free app helps you view bills, track your usage and see how much electricity you’re likely to use in coming weeks. Energy IQ delivers personalised energy consumption insights to customers.


A convenient payment option that lets you smooth out the highs and lows of your energy bills. We work out your annual energy usage, divide this up and spread the payments out. Pay the same amount for every bill, making budgeting easier.