Set up and Change Auto-pay

What is Auto-pay

Auto-pay is the easy way to take care of your energy bill.  With Auto-pay, you can pay your energy bill automatically by regular direct debit from your chosen bank account, or set up a recurring payment from your credit or debit card.  This means you won’t have to worry about missing a payment, or have the hassle of paying your bill each month manually.
Auto-pay is built-in to our Energy Basic plans, and optional for our other plans.  With an Energy Plus plan, you’ll get a 2% discount for paying by direct debit, and a 1% discount for paying by recurring, variable credit or debit card.  Even better, we don’t charge any credit card fees on recurring payments for our Energy Plus plans.*

You can set up Auto-pay in the Energy IQ App or by calling us on 0800 300 400.
Auto-pay means you give us the authority to charge the amount due on your bill to your bank account or card each month.  

* A transaction fee applies to all credit and debit card transactions for all plans other than Energy Plus plans, and to one-off credit and debit card transactions for Energy Plus plans.

Direct debit and credit card terms and conditions apply.


Control-a-bill lets you take control by evening out your payments, so you pay the same amount weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Payments will be automatically debited from your nominated bank account
  • Your prompt payment discount will be applied each month when your bill is produced
  • We’ll make sure your payments are in line with your usage and let you know if they need to change
  • You can easily make changes to your payments
To set up Control-a-bill, chat with us and we can discuss what your payment amounts would need to be.
How are my Control-a-bill payments calculated?
Your payments are calculated based on your average energy usage over 12 months and takes into account any balance on your account.
If your previous usage is not available, this will be estimated based on the information you provide.
How are my payments reviewed?
We'll review your payments at least once every 12 months, or sooner if it appears that they're are not covering your usage.
If your account is in credit or debit when we complete the review, your fixed payments may change accordingly.
How will I know my payments have changed?
We’ll tell you at least 10 days before the change becoming effective by email or letter.
What if I'm paying too much and my account is in credit, can I get a refund?
Your payments average your usage over 12 months, so you’ll likely see a credit build in summer which will be used in winter.
If your credit gets too high, we’ll review your payments and potentially lower this.
What if I need to defer a payment?
We need a minimum of 1 days’ notice before your payment date. You can defer a payment by calling us on 0800 300 400 and following the steps in our IVR.
  • Your payment will be split across your next two payments.
  • Once the deferred balance has been paid, your payments will return to the normal.

What will happen if I miss a payment?
If you miss any of your payments, we may cancel the Control-a-bill and tell you in writing. A late payment fee and/or a dishonour fee may apply to your account.
If you wish to resume your Control-a-bill, please chat with us to discuss.

How do I make changes to my Auto-pay?

We can adjust:
  • Frequency of payment
  • Bank account you are paying from
  • Card you are paying from
  • Your payments from Control-a-bill to Recurring Payments
  • Or Recurring Payments to Control-a-bill
If you're on an Energy Plus plan you can set up, change, or remove Auto-pay at any stage in Energy IQ under “My Details”.

To set up or change your Auto-pay, chat with us and one of our Kiwi based crew will be able to help.

Direct debit and credit card terms and conditions apply.