LPG Gas Safety

Gas cooking

How to be safe with gas.

At Genesis, we want to make sure you’re prepared if you encounter a gas emergency. Gas is used to help keep businesses and homes running, so it’s important you know how to use it safely.

Who should install gas equipment?

Only registered gas fitters should install your gas equipment. You can ask any tradesperson to show their ID card to confirm they’re legitimate. This ID card will have been issued by the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Drainlayers Board.

What are the characteristics of gas?

  • Gas has a sulfur smell, similar to rotten eggs. If you can smell this, you may be able to smell a gas leak.
  • Gas is heavier than air. It collects in low-lying areas like drains and vents.

What to do in a gas emergency or if you suspect a gas leak.

If you suspect a gas leak inside your property:
  1. Turn off your gas supply, if it's safe to do so.
    1. To turn off your metered gas supply, turn the valve handle to horizontal (level with the ground). You may need a spanner to do this.
    2. To turn off your gas supply, turn the valve clockwise until it closes completely.
  2. Remember to keep flames and cigarettes out of the room and away from the area.
  3. Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows.
  4. Leave electrical appliances as they are, including mobile phones — don't turn them off or on, as this could cause a spark to ignite the gas.
  5. Vacate the premises and use a phone away from the area to call Genesis Energy on 0800 436 020.
  6. Remember to call us from a neighbouring property if possible, as your property may be unsafe to remain in.
If you smell gas outside your property call 0800 436 020 and evacuate to a safe area upwind of the gas smell.

If there is a gas fire, call 111 immediately. For more information see gassafety.org.nz.