LPG Bottled Gas

How to Order an LPG Bottle

We offer multiple ways for you to order your refills:

Energy IQ - Register or login here.
Online order form via our website.
Energy IQ Mobile app - download here.
Call us and follow the steps through our IVR to order your bottles – Make sure to have your customer number handy.
Still need some help? Feel free to talk to one of our Kiwi based crew, Monday to Friday 8am-8pm on 0800 300 400.

Gas bottles for household use are too large to take to a refilling station (unlike 9kg bottles used for barbecues etc.) When your gas bottle is empty, you will need to arrange for your bottled gas provider to refill it for you.

Use the available channels to place an order and we’ll deliver a full bottle on the next available delivery day in your area, excluding weekends and public holidays.

If you require an urgent delivery an extra fee is payable in addition to the standard delivery charge. Please contact us on 0800 300 400 to confirm time and costs for urgent delivery.

When should I order?

To avoid the risk of running out of gas, we recommend that you regularly check your cylinders and place an order as soon as 1 cylinder is empty.
We recommend you leave both cylinders turned on as this allows good continuity of supply at times where you may need more gas pressure than 1 bottle allows.
When LPG from your second cylinder is drawn (to boost the pressure required to run multiple appliances) this does mean that when your primary cylinder becomes empty, it is common for the secondary cylinder to not be full and not last as long as you would expect.
You can do a water test to see how much gas is left in your cylinders by:
  • Use tempered water from the home hot water tap. DO NOT use boiling water, as this risks scalding and is not necessary.
  • With care, slowly tip the water down the side of the cylinder.
  • Look for a condensation line appearing on the side of the cylinder or run your hand down the side of the cylinder feeling for a change in temperature.  Where the condensation line or temperature change occurs indicates the LPG level within the cylinder. 
  • NEVER shake or rock cylinders to see if they are empty or not. This may damage the pigtails and fittings and also is not a reliable method to know if a cylinder is empty or not.

Top Tips to Make Delivery Easy

  • Please make sure trees are trimmed for the delivery truck, the access way is clear, and the ground is firm and non-slippery as the bottles are heavy.
  • You don’t need to be at home for the delivery, but if you have any potential delivery issues like dogs or locked gates, please provide us with this information.
  • Deliveries will not be made if there is a health and safety risk to the delivery drivers.
  • Ordering by 1pm the day before will help us deliver your bottles on time.

Where to take my LPG bottle to be filled

Yes, you can take your bottles to be filled at the Genesis depots below. This is a refill service only, not a swap service where you are able to exchange an empty bottle for a fill one.

118 Newton St, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, 3116
Closed during Alert Level 2 or higher

63 Hillside Road, South Dunedin, 9013
Closed during Alert Level 2 or higher

52 Ngatimaru Highway, Kopu, 3578
Closed during Alert Level 2 or higher

Advice for LPG users

  • Ensure any gas fitting is carried out by a licensed gasfitter and ask to see their practicing license ID card
  • Get your gas appliances regularly serviced
  • Gas appliances must be properly ventilated
  • Get your LPG cabinet heater and cylinder checked every year by a licensed gasfitter
  • Check before you dig