With NZ business
For NZ business

We put our energy into your business

  • We promise to make energy simple by providing multiple fuels at multiple sites on one bill.
  • We promise to health check your plan at least once a year. If we can move you to a better one, or apply our latest offers, we will.
  • We promise to develop tools to help you monitor, control and be more efficient with energy.
Join Genesis

We work with NZ businesses so we can do more for them

At Genesis we collaborate with NZ businesses to create the products and services they need the most. We do things differently and with customer-lead innovation, we are developing.

  • Industry-based pricing, to reflect the times businesses need the most energy.
  • Electricity Monitoring to show you where your business uses the most power.
  • Bottled Gas Monitoring – text and email alerts that tell you when you’re low on gas.