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Understanding your business bill

Navigating the details and costs

Your energy bill is made up of different parts contributing to the total cost. There’s also a lot of information about your property. To keep things simple, we’ve created the below breakdown of where the costs go and some links to helpful guides.


Where the info is on your bill

A descriptive and diagrammatic guide to make your bill easier to navigate.

More about large business bills

View a bill that includes half hourly and time-of-use billing. This bill is an example only and not all items appear on all bills.

Information about Network Charges

Genesis invoices you for your energy costs, the lines company charges for your area as well as other costs such as meter reading, Government levies, taxes and our service charge. The Network Charges shown on your bill are a total of the applicable rates from your local lines company and a charge from Genesis.

Not all networks have the same charges, and we recommend you check your local lines company for more details on their different rates and charges.

Networks have a range of charges specific to business accounts. These charges are related to supply across a network, management of demand during peak periods, or for the type of metering you have. Below is a summary of these charges.

Daily fixed charge

Capacity charge

Congestion charge