Energy Insights at Your Fingertips

Genesis has partnered with Centrica to help your business measure and manage energy more efficiently.

Benefits for Business

  • Helps you understand how your business is consuming energy
  • Highlights where machines or equipment are using energy inefficiently
  • Real time energy alerts & visibility
  • Gives you visibility of high usage times. You can consider employee behaviour change to take advantage of lower rates at different times of the day

How it works

  • Non-invasive clip on units to measure the energy of each machine or equipment (data transmission: every 10 sec.)
  • Energy Insights’ intelligent system analyses the data
  • Energy Insights provides a dashboard that delivers sophisticated reports on your detailed energy use and operational consumption

Key Features

  • Simple & easy to understand your energy consumption daily, weekly & monthly
  • Real time energy alerts & visibility
  • View historical analysis & benchmark data

It’s well known across the world.

Genesis is the only energy provider offering this product to business customers in New Zealand. Energy Insights is well established company well known for innovative software solutions, and has proven technology that is currently being used by many large multinational organisations across the world.

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