Medium Business Energy Solutions

Complexity comes with the territory.


Growth is a natural progression for most businesses. But more often than not, small and simple leads to large and complex. For your electricity and gas, that might mean different fuels at different sites, and all the difficulty that comes with managing and accounting for it.

We understand the challenges – so to help, we’ll do what we can to make things simple.

It’s one of our promises:

We promise to simplify multiple fuels (gas, electricity, LPG, even solar), at multiple sites, and give you the convenience of one bill.

We’re the only energy supplier that can do it.

We don’t just put electricity and gas into your business – we put all of our energy into it.

Promise #1 Simplicity

We can keep things simple.

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  • We keep things simple by providing the convenience of one bill – no other energy company offers this.
  • And we can take care of all your energy needs (electricity, LPG, natural gas and solar) and service multiple sites.

Promise #2 Service

We’ll tailor our service to what you want.

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  • We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like.
  • We can connect you to experienced industry experts.

Promise #3 Tools

We can help you manage your energy.

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  • We’re constantly working on new ways to help you monitor how much you’re using.
  • We’ll give you ways to help stay in control of your usage.
  • We’ll give you options to help control bill payments.