Take control of your electricity when you’re with Genesis


Electricity for business

We do more than just keep the lights bright

We’d like to think that our business electricity is different to what you get from other companies. When you get electricity from us, you get a little extra. Our electricity comes with the energy of our people – a team who are always trying to do the best thing for your business.

Searching for spikes

Curious to know when your business is using more electricity? Usage Breakdown* in Energy IQ can help you find those spikes anytime, right at your fingertips.

Predict your electricity usage

Know what costs are coming is important for businesses. With Energy IQ’s, you can “see into the future” with the help of Electricity Forecast^.

The small print about Energy IQ features

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Have questions?

Check out our handy FAQs or get in touch with our dedicated business team by simply filling out this form, calling 0800 600 900 or Live Chat, Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. We’re here to help and find the best solution for you.