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Am I eligible for Control-a-bill?
For Control-a-bill why do I have to pay via direct debit?
What payment options can I choose?
How will I be invoiced/billed by Genesis?
What if I'm paying too much and my account is in credit can I get a refund?
What if I'm paying too little and my account has a debit amount, what does this mean?
Who reviews and adjusts my payments?
How will I know my payments have been adjusted?
Can I cancel a scheduled Control-a-bill payment?
Can I cancel my Control-a-bill arrangement but remain a Genesis Customer?
Can I cancel my Control-a-bill arrangement and switch away from Genesis?
What if my bank account details change or I want to change the frequency/amount of my payments?
Can I transfer my Control-a-bill to a new address?
What will happen if I miss a payment?
What if I am paying too much or too little?
How is my Control-a-bill amount calculated?
Why haven’t I received my email bill/ebill?

LPG Bottled Gas

What’s the easiest way to order a bottle refill?

How can I make my bottled gas delivery go smoothly?
How do I know that my bottled gas has been delivered?
What do I do if a bottled gas appliance doesn’t work? 
Is there somewhere I can take LPG bottles to be filled?
Gas outage?
No power?
How do I get hold of the network company in my area?
Ways to pay your business bill
Payment Plan With Control-a-bill
Internet Banking or Automatic Payment
Pay Over The Phone
NZ Post

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For Your Trade Connections
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Fraud or suspicious activity
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