Bottled Gas Monitoring.

The alert that helps keep your business running.

The benefits of Bottled Gas Monitoring for Business.

NZ-first technology that uses sensor devices that sit under your gas bottles.

The sensors take readings which are used to provide you with updates on how much gas you have remaining, and when it’s time to order a refill.

Bottled Gas Monitoring, an Energy IQ Premium service

As we continue to work with NZ businesses to create the products and services they need, you’ll see us launch a number of tools that will help your business take control of its energy. These tools are all inside a toolbox called Energy IQ. Bottled Gas Monitoring, a paid energy management service from Energy IQ Premium, is the first of these.

Our promise to NZ business

Bottled Gas Monitoring is part of our promise to develop the technology NZ businesses need to take control of their energy. We also promise to put everything on One Bill to make energy easy, and to give your business an annual health check to make sure you’re on the right plan.

Register your interest for Bottle Gas Monitoring and we’ll be in touch once it’s available in your area.

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How Does Bottle Gas Monitoring Work?
How accurate are the readings?
When do I get updates on how much gas is remaining?