LPG Solutions for your Business

Big or small, we'll find a solution that's right for you

Genesis provides LPG services suitable for all kinds of businesses and industries throughout the country, from large multi-national manufacturers to small New Zealand owned businesses.

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Bottled LPG in a range of sizes, including 45kg and forklift.
Bulk LPG supply scaled to suit your business needs.
Specialist advice on LPG conversion, installation and bulk storage.

Business LPG Bottled Gas Refill Request Form

Your order will be delivered on the next available scheduled delivery date.

Urgent Deliveries - If you have run out of bottled gas completely and require an urgent delivery, an urgent delivery fee applies.

Please call us on 0800 600 900 to check we can make an urgent delivery to your property as this may not be possible during busy periods.

Is there anything that could prevent access to your gas bottles, such as dogs on the property?:*
If yes, please provide further details in the comments section below.

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