Get a free 45kg bottle of gas with your first order of two bottles.

Our Best LPG Offer for Your Home

Whether you're moving home, switching LPG providers or adding bottled gas to your existing Genesis power account, we've got a great gas solution to suit your needs.

One Free Bottle Offer
Switch to Genesis and you'll save up to $110 on your gas with 1 Free 45kg bottle of gas.
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Add electricity and get:

A $200 electricity credit

Fixed pricing for 24 months*

15% prompt payment discount**

* Depending on your bottle configuration, your first order must be for 2 or more 45kg bottles. Exit fees apply to fixed term plans. Any credit is one-off and includes GST. Fixed prices apply to our per-unit variable charge and daily fixed charge.
^Prices include GST.

Bottled Gas Offer Details

  One Free Bottle Offer

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Monthly Bottle Rental Fee Yes  
Gas Bottle Refill Charge Yes  
Fixed Term No  
Exit Fee No