Bottled Gas Monitoring.

Never wonder if you’ll run out of gas again.

Special offer expires on 31 January 2019

With Bottled Gas Monitoring, you’ll know how much gas you have left.

Know how much gas is left in your bottles and when to order a refill thanks to our NZ-first technology. 

How does Bottled Gas Monitoring work? Watch our video to find out more.

Provides you with updates, in the Energy IQ app or by email, on how much gas you have left and when to order a refill.

Get Bottled Gas Monitoring FREE* - Special offer available on bottled gas and electricity plans for Christchurch Residential customers only. 
*Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply

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How Does Bottle Gas Monitoring Work?
How accurate are the readings?
How long will it take before Bottled Gas Monitoring is installed?
Do I need to be home for the installation?
When do I get updates on how much gas is remaining?