Bottled Gas Control Plus Plan - Terms and Conditions


The Bottled Gas Control plan terms and conditions prior to 30 April 2021 can be viewed here.

The Bottled Gas Control Plus Plan offers choice and flexibility, plus rewards like Flybuys. Choose between receiving 6, 9, 12 or 24 45kg LPG bottles over a 12 month period, for a fixed monthly fee. And if you’re a Dual Fuel customer, you’ll also get a bonus 5% discount on your energy bill.

Key Terms

  • The Bottled Gas Control Plus Plan (“Plan”) applies to the LPG that we supply to residential customers.

  • Under the Bottled Gas Control Plus Plan you’re eligible to receive Genesis Discounts and Rewards for as long as you meet the applicable eligibility criteria. More information about Genesis Discounts and Rewards is available here or at, including information about the eligibility criteria and any specific terms and conditions.

  • Depending on your selected Bottle Entitlement you are eligible to receive 6, 9, 12 or 24 45kg LPG bottles during your term for a fixed monthly fee. Additional bottles can be ordered at an additional cost available at

  • You will be billed monthly, if your payment is overdue you may be charged a late payment fee of $14.

  • If you switch plans or this agreement is terminated before the expiry of your Term, you may be charged a fee if the value of the number of bottles you have used during the Term is more than what you have paid. This is called the “Wash Up Fee.” The Wash Up Fee will be calculated on the basis of a cost of the Additional Bottle charge for Control Plus plan.

  • The Genesis Energy Standard Terms and Conditions, and where applicable Direct Debit or Credit Card Terms also apply to this Plan.
Eligibility Criteria
What you’ll get
Additional Bottles
Changing from an existing plan to the Bottled Gas Control Plan
Cancellation and Expiry