Genesis Energy has acquired Nova Energy's LPG retail business

Genesis Energy

On Monday 1 May, Genesis Energy announced an agreement to acquire the retail LPG distribution assets and LPG customer base of Nova Energy. The sale and purchase went unconditional on Wednesday 31 May 2017. This transaction enables Genesis Energy to grow its LPG business by providing an exceptional LPG delivery service to thousands of customers throughout New Zealand, as well ensuring we can keep innovating in ways that benefit our customers.


Questions and answers

I heard Genesis Energy is buying Nova's LPG business, is this true?

Yes. Genesis Energy is buying Nova Energy's retail LPG distribution business. The sale and purchase went unconditional on 31 May 2017.

Why does Genesis Energy want to buy Nova's LPG business?

Genesis Energy has brought Nova's retail LPG distribution business because we see real opportunities to do more for New Zealanders wanting to use LPG energy in their homes and / or businesses. We're excited about reaching more customers through our newest business.

When will this happen?

31 May 2017: Genesis Energy confirms it is buying Nova's Retail LPG Distribution business.
1 June – 31 July 2017 : Nova continues to manage the business on Genesis' behalf.
1 August 2017: Genesis manages all operations directly .

I'm a Nova LPG customer, how does this change impact me?

At this stage there is no change but if we do make changes, we'll make sure we let you know about them and that you understand what they mean for you. Both Nova and Genesis Energy are committed to ensuring we continue to provide exceptional service to you.

Can I still order my bottled gas through Nova?

Yes – you can still place your orders in the same way you as you do today - via the Nova App, by calling Nova on
0800 668 236 or online via the Nova website.

Will the Nova plan I'm on change?

No – we won't be making any changes to the current plan you're on with Nova.

Do I need to change my payment set-up for my automatic payment or direct debit?

No – at this time all the ways you can pay for the Nova bill will remain the same and we'll let you know of any changes over the coming months.

I'm a Genesis Energy LPG Bottled Gas customer, how does this change impact me?

At this stage there are no changes for our existing Genesis Energy LPG customers.

Where can I find out more details about the acquisition?

You'll find a copy of our media release here.