Bottled Gas Two Free Bottle Christchurch 12 Month Offer as at 23 June 2019

Offer Eligibility
  1. To be eligible for the Two Free Bottle 2019 Offer ("Offer"), you must:
    1. be a new Genesis Energy residential LPG customer; and
    2. sign up to the Bottled Gas Smart Plan (“Plan”) between 23rd of June 2019 and 31st of August 2019 for your primary residence; and
    3. have and retain during the offer term of 12 months, a minimum of two 45kg LPG gas bottles;
    4. place your first bottle order of a minimum of 2 bottles on or after 23 June 2019.
    5. have your primary residence within Genesis Hornby delivery zone 1, or Redwood delivery zone 1, or the areas of Rolleston or Lincoln;
    6. have your electricity on either Price Park 12 Month Plan or Price Park 24 Month Plan
    7. have and retain for the duration of your plan term, electricity with Genesis at the same address

  2. The Offer Includes a credit to your applicable bill as follows:
    1. for the value of two free full 45kg LPG gas bottle applied by way of a credit ($240 including GST) to your account. The credit will be applied as a lump sum on your next invoice following your first order for two bottles.
    2. Fixed prices for the per bottle charge and monthly rental charge (excluding any special or urgent delivery charges) for 12 months, which will commence from the date you accept the Plan either online or by phone (“Offer Term”).

  3. If, before the end of the Offer Term, you switch from, or stop getting your LPG supply from Genesis Energy or otherwise terminate or cancel your Plan then Genesis Energy may charge you a fee of up to $240 (including GST).

  1. The promoter of the Offer is Genesis Energy Limited.

  2. This Offer is not available in conjunction (in part or in whole) with any other LPG offer from Genesis Energy. You may be eligible for an additional offer if you also add electricity with Genesis Energy. You will need to satisfy specific eligibility criteria which will be included in the electricity offer terms.

  3. All new customer applications are subject to a credit check.

  4. The credit under this Offer is not transferable, refundable nor redeemable for cash.

  5. A 0.7% processing fee applies to each credit or debit card transaction.

  6. Entry into this Offer implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the Offer.

  7. Genesis Energy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in any way up to the expiry of this Offer.

  8. Only one bill credit for this Offer will be credited per premise during the Offer period.

  9. Genesis Energy’s LPG Terms and Conditions and Bottled Gas Smart Plan Terms and Conditions and Price Park 12 Month Plan or Price Park 24 Month Plan and Flybuys Standard Terms and Conditions will also apply and take precedence if there is any inconsistency between them and the terms and conditions for this Offer.