One bill for both gas and electricity with Genesis


Bottled Gas

Easy ordering and dual fuel discounts. You’ll be cooking with gas in no time.

At Genesis we’re all about helping our customers take control of their energy usage. We’ll make it easy for you, with features like re-ordering your bottles in just three taps through our Energy IQ app. If you switch your electricity too, you’ll get an extra 5% discount and the added benefit of both fuels on one bill.

Need to order more?

Order your bottles quickly and easily with the Energy IQ app, or use our online form.

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If you’re joining us for the first time or moving house, get your bottled gas sorted online.

Enjoy the benefits of bottled gas

Bottled gas is a great solution for heating, cooking and hot water. Whether you're switching bottled gas suppliers, moving house, or need to arrange a bottled gas refill, we'll make it easy for you.

Understand how your bottled gas works so you know when to order a refill and can avoid running out.

Learn more about bottled gas

Gas and electricity safety tips for home

Energy Safety tips for when you are in your home. Ensuring your family's safety is important to us.

What is LPG Bottled Gas? How does it work?

In New Zealand, we tend to rely on two types of gas for our household energy needs: natural gas and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).


Where can I find bottled gas prices?

Where do I find my account balance and how do I understand my power bill?