Never wonder if you have to check your gas bottles again.

Bottled Gas Monitoring is a new Energy IQ Premium service that sends you alerts about how much gas you have remaining and when to order a refill. Take control of your bottled gas.

Bottled Gas for Home

Enjoy the benefits of bottled gas

Bottled gas is a great solution for heating, cooking and hot water. Whether you're switching bottled gas suppliers, moving house, or need to arrange a bottled gas refill, we'll make it easy for you.

Understand how your bottled gas works so you know when to order a refill and can avoid running out.


Monthly bottle rental options
Competitive bottle refill charge
Easy bottle re-ordering through our free Mobile App
Dual Fuel discounts available
Earn Fly Buys on the gas you use

Your Plan, Your Way

Sign up to bottled gas with us (minimum 2 bottles for first order) and we'll deliver your 45kg LPG gas bottles to your door. If you're switching from another provider, we will arrange the return of their bottles, free of charge. All our customers can enjoy prompt payment and dual fuel discounts.

Our best Bottled Gas offers and plans for your home

Bottled Gas Control Plans
Plans starting from up to 9 bottles for $90 per month. Spread the cost of your bottles over 12 months. 
Terms and Conditions apply.
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Add electricity and you'll get:

Bottled Gas Monitoring if you're in our coverage area

15% prompt payment discount**

Additional bottles can be purchased for $105. After 12 months your bottle entitlement refreshes so you’ll get another 9, 12 or 24 45kg bottles. You will not receive a refund or credit for any unordered bottles remaining in your bottle entitlement following your 12 month period. No fixed term – cancel anytime. 
One Free Bottle Offer
Switch to Genesis on a Bottled Gas Smart Plan and you'll save up to $120 on your gas with 1 Free 45kg bottle of gas.
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Add electricity and you'll get:

A $200 electricity credit

15% prompt payment discount**

Available on our Bottled Gas Smart Plan. First order must be for 2 or more bottles.
* Depending on your bottle configuration, your first order must be for 2 or more 45kg bottles.  Any credit is one-off and includes GST. Offer terms apply. **When you pay your bill in full and on time. ^Prices include GST.

Bottled Gas Offers and Plan details

Bottled Gas Smart plan
One Free 45kg Bottle

Bottled Gas Control plans
Free Bottled Gas Monitoring
  View offer View offer View offer View offer
Monthly Rental $11 $90 $120 $220
Gas Bottle Refill Charge $120 get up to 9 bottles over 12 months get up to 12 bottles over 12 months get up to 24 bottles over 12 months
Additional bottles n/a $105 $105 $105

Residential LPG Bottled Gas Refill Request Form

Orders for bottled gas refills - Residential customers please complete the form below. Business customers, please use our Business Bottled Gas Form.

Urgent Deliveries - If you have run out of bottled gas completely and require an urgent delivery, an urgent delivery fee applies.
Please call us on 0800 300 400 to check we can make an urgent delivery to your property as this may not be possible during busy periods.

If you're already a customer you can also order your 45kg bottled gas bottle refill in minutes through Energy IQ or the Genesis Energy Mobile App.

Do you have a dog?:*

If yes, please ensure that your dog is secured to enable safe and easy access.
Is a key or security code required for delivery?:*

If yes, please provide further details in the comments section below.
Number of LPG gas bottles required:*

Size of gas bottles:*


Where can I find bottled gas prices?
Where do I find my account balance and how do I understand my bill?
What options do I have if I’m having problems paying my bill?
I forgot my Energy IQ username and password – how do I reset my password?
I’ve heard about the Genesis Mobile App - how can I find out more?

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