Ways To Pay Your Power Bill

Pay your power bills online whenever and wherever you like. Ensure you receive your prompt payment discount by paying on time.
Pay via recurring Direct Debit/Credit Card

*0.7% card processing fee applies to each credit card transaction from 1 June 2014.

^$1.20 payment administration fee applies from 1 June 2014.

One Bill Puts an End to Multiple Energy Bills

If you have more than one property or utility type and currently receive multiple bills from us, One Bill* might be of interest to you.

One Bill conveniently rounds up your energy bills and provides a handy one-page summary showing the total due for them all, which means*:

  • you'll have fewer bills to open and file
  • you can make just one payment
  • budgeting will be easier

Plus with One Bill you get to choose whether you group all or just some of your properties or utilities.

You can sign now by filling in the form below, or by calling the appropriate Customer Care Team, Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm, on the numbers below;

Just have a copy of all your current individual Genesis bills handy. We'll need to know your customer numbers which can be found on the top right hand side of your bills.

*Eligibility criteria and One Bill terms and conditions apply. 
What is One Bill?
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Understand Your Power Bill


What does your power bill pay for?

Just like anything you might buy your bill is made up of many different parts:

Lines Costs – 38%
The transmission and distribution costs required to build and maintain the powerlines that transport electricity from where it is generated to your house. 
Wholesale Costs – 32%
This cost goes towards generating the electricity that you use.
Retail – 13%
This is the money that goes to Genesis to cover our operational and people costs.
Metering – 4%
This money goes towards the cost of reading and maintaining your electricity meter.
GST – 13%
This is the payment for the Goods and Services tax we pay in NZ; 15% is added on top of your other charges and this becomes 13% of your total bill.

To find out more about each section of your bill, select the coloured question marks. Use the tabs at the top to move between the pages.

Understand Your Residential Bill 1 - Genesis Energy NZ
Understand Your Residential Bill 2 - Genesis Energy NZ
Understand Your Residential Bill 3 - Genesis Energy NZ

To understand your home pricing plans even more please click here.

Take Control of Your Power Bills

We know that factors such as weather, holidays and changes in seasons mean that your energy usage and the amount you pay on your bills can vary.

All you need to know about Control-a-bill:

  • Control-a-bill lets you take control by evening out your payments so you pay the same amount for each bill
  • You can choose when you pay by direct debit (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • You'll get your 10% prompt payment discount (on natural gas and electricity) when you pay on time.
  • You'll get an additional 5% on top of the 10% prompt payment discount if you are a Dual Fuel customer – that's 15% off your total bill**
  • Now and then we'll make sure your usage and payments are on track, and it's easy to make adjustments

**prompt payment discount applies when you pay your bill in full and on time. Additional prompt payment discount is not applicable with any eSaver plan.

Already a customer? Call us on 0800 300 400 to set up over the phone and work out the energy payment amount you'll pay on each bill.

Want to know more? Read our FAQs below:

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